PARTNER For Growth

Below are several comments from those with whom I have had the honor to do GREAT WORK.  

Client Comments

Leadership & Capacity Building

"Over the years I have met several coaches and consultants.  One of the reasons I recommended Anne to our Executive Team was because she has a very diverse and robust understanding of both people and process which is unusual for most consultants.  Furthermore, Anne’s strategic sensibilities allowed her to learn quickly how to partner with us.   She catalyzed a new way for our Executive and Management Team to work together. Anne taught and provided on-going coaching to implement smart targeted ways in which to build our management team and put in place key performance indicators to empower recognition and continuous improvement.  With Anne's expertise, we not only fleshed out vision, mission and values, but  they are now shared by all and embedded in our ways of working with one another and our customers. As an executive focused on customer experience and sales, Anne helped me understand cross company teamwork, building infrastructure and building process. She helped accelerate quality results for both our customers and employees."  

 - Pat Molyneaux, Owner/Chief Marketing Officer, Molyneaux Tile Carpet Wood (

Creating a Culture of Trust

  LD&B Insurance & Financial Services engaged Anne to work with our leadership team (our Board, President & CEO, and our Division Leadership) for the greater part of this year. We can honestly say: We don’t know what we would have done without her! Although our company expected a transition to 100% employee ownership this year, several other major transitions accompanied it unexpectedly. Anne jumped right in to the chaos and worked as hard as any employee to prepare our managers to lead the company through the changes. A uniquely beneficial aspect of Anne’s recommendations was that she drew from a wealth of personal workplace experience, as well as formal consulting and management credentials. She has not only learned leadership and management; she has lived it. Anne designed and facilitated intensive group training on finding strengths, change management, trust building, effective meetings, conversational intelligence, and many helpful techniques and leadership principles. She coached our new President and CEO so to take the helm quickly and effectively. She also coached key individuals on specific company projects and roles, especially in the area of change leadership and project management. With her expertise, we developed an initiative to embed our company values into our culture; the way we lead and work. Overall, we couldn’t be more grateful to Anne for her work. She made our concerns personal, pushing us to be courageously transparent as we confronted weaknesses; she constantly built trust, inspiring us to appreciate the unique strengths of our team in a new way; and she consistently demonstrated the qualities she was teaching. We strive to be uniquely better; and we ARE uniquely better because of Anne’s work with us!

 - Carl Litwiller, Chairman of the Board, Vice President at LD&B Insurance and Financial Services

Continuous Improvement

"I had the privilege of serving on Anne's team as a Baldrige Examiner. As our team leader, Anne clearly distinguished herself as an expert in the Baldrige Criteria; continuous improvement processes; project management; and most of all, collaborative team-building leadership. Anne charted a complex, balanced schedule for our team and the Baldrige applicant that set a pace which ensured accomplishment of every task while maintaining the highest standards and exceeding the expectations of our applicant. Throughout the examining process Anne served as a role-model coach, mentor, and teacher to every member of the team. Her leadership style nurtured a team that was focused, mutually supportive and committed to the team's success. Anne identified continuous improvement strategies for the applicant which will help them leverage strengths and build a better organization. She is an expert in all aspects of organizational development, continuous improvement and performance excellence. She has superior intellect and operational planning skills, and a deep understanding of the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence. I would recommend Anne to any senior leader seeking expert counsel in continuous improvement strategies, processes and project management. She is a talented leader who is committed to performance excellence!"

 - Al Faber, President/CEO Foundation for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award

Strategic Facilitation

"Anne  facilitated our annual Board Meeting and she was fantastic. After talking with me to determine our needs and desired outcomes, she designed an agenda to fulfill our expectations and even anticipated more!   Her calm, focused and deliberate style kept us all on task without feeling controlled, and enabled all to feel that they could contribute in a safe, engaging and proactive space.  I highly recommend working with Anne whenever you have an opportunity!"  

 -  Board President, Non-Profit


"Anne is a wonderful consultant to partner with. She approaches her work with a business acumen and understanding of her clients that is rare. Her ability to listen carefully and design customized solutions is exceptional. While working with Anne on a project, she very clearly outlined her requests, provided realistic timelines that benefited the client and consulting teams, and followed-up to provide the very best insights. Anne is proficient in working with teams and continues to explore the most up to date and innovative ways in which she can provide the very best experience for her clients."

 - Christina Fontanese, Founder / Owner Organizational and Leadership Development Consultant at Boundless Insights, LLC